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31B Morgan Hill

Location: San Diego County County, California

Name designates twin bumps on a ridge that are only 0.3 mile apart Morgan Hill and Gordan Point). Hill was named for a very early area pioneer named Morgan, and Point was named for Donald H. Gordon a famous pioneer aviator. Gordon's family convinced the USBGN that despite another nearby name having been in use for many years, local custom also accepted this additional name. Because of this, and despite historic usage, Gordon Point now takes precedence as the official name.

Catherine M. Wood in her From TeePee to Telescope (1937), notes that Morgan was an "eloquent preacher", an advocate of temperance, and a good horse Wader. He built a cabin for his family on Morgan Hill (1901). Sometimes early residents on this part of the Palomar area would get snowed in, but once Morgan got snowed out. A few of his children died before he could return home with supplies and the family then moved out of the area. This event so ingrained itself in the minds of his neighbors, who could have helped had they known of the need, that the hill forever after was referred to by this name.

However, a longtime area resident, Arly Bergman suggests a slightly happier ending. In the Memoirs (unpublished] of area pioneer Bobby Asher, Morgan made it back to save his children's lives. Nonetheless, the experience was too trying to risk repeating and the family understandably moved.

At the end of the Nineteenth Century, great fires swept this area and mobility was greatly eased. This led to a good deal of prospecting and many claims were opened when it was discovered that the rock formation from lower Doane to the northeast held gold.

Later this briefly became USFS land, complete with a Ranger Station-the rangers also were on occasion also snowed in, but lived to write of it.

About this time, families such as the Peters and Ferguson's attempted to homestead Morgan Hill, but as they were putting up their cabins ownership was transferred to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. When the Pala and Pauma Indians were moved out of Warner Hot Springs to reservations nearby, the BIA intended portions of this area to provide a mountainous area where the Indians could cut timber. However this idea wasn't worked out with local landowners such as Gordon's neighbor Gus Weber who resented having the Indians cross his land to reach their Preserve. This resulted in mutual animosity which seems to continue to this day.

When this peak was listed by the HPS it was known only as Morgan Hill. Hill was delisted when the owners denied free access (1978).

Name first appears on USGS Ramona quad (1903).

Gordon Point first appears on USGS Boucher Hill quad (1988).

Gordon Point officially accepted by USBGN (1970).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1954.

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