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27B Indian Mountain

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Named by the USFS for nearby Indian Creek which runs along the western base of this summit and then through Soboba, Indian land. According to Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado, "all of the creeks that run through our land, we call Indian Creek". However, only the one at the base of this mountain is named on maps.

Until the 1930's when the Los Angeles Aqueduct drained the underground water from this area, there were many more year round streams and springs. The Soboba Indians were threatened with dispossession of their lands, until Helen Hunt Jackson and Abbot Finney visited them (1882). The Soboba Indian Reservation was established partially as a result of their report (1883).

Gudde notes that the place name "Indian" is more frequently employed than any other adjective of nationality or race, and that California contains over 300 such features.

Creek name and VABM "ANN" first appear on AMS Banning topo (1942).

Name first appears on USGS Lake Fulmer topo (1956).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1964.

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