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24F Charlton Peak

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Named in 1921 by USFS topographer Donald McLain for Rushton H. Charlton, Angeles National Forest Supervisor (1907-24). He was Pichot's "boy wonder" (in his 20's) when appointed and remained dynamic and controversial throughout his career. He was respected by his men but never loved. It was over his strenuous objections that the first of our nation's wilderness areas, the San Gorgonio Primitive Area was created (1931). Such ideas were anathema to him, because he felt that this area's name had been altered to "National Forest" (from its original designation as a "Forest Reserve") to emphasize that it was meant to be used by the Public.

Peak name accepted by the USBGN(1934).

Called "Mount Charlton" on our 1946 List.

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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