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23J Wysup Peak

Author: Jennifer Washington

Location: San Bernardino County, California

This peak was named after George Wysup.

Without a doubt, George played a prominent role in leading the HPS into the 21st Century. His presence was felt not just within HPS, but throughout the Angeles Chapter. His awards include the Bill T. Russell New Leader Award, the John Backus Leadership Award, the Angeles Chapter Outings Service Award, the Elna Baker Nature Interpretation Plaque and the RS Fink Service Award. George served on the boards of HPS, SPS, LPC and probably some I've missed. He is a DPS Emblem holder, and as for HPS, it might be easier to list the emblems he doesn't hold. He led the list twice, had nine list finishes, 2000 peaks, etc. Most notably, he was the first to achieve the 200 Explorers emblem. Somehow in this frenzy of HPS leading, he managed to find time to lead for SPS, DPS, Mule Pack Section, and the Lower Peaks.

George's interests and knowledge were formidable and those fortunate enough to have hiked with him could learn the history and background of the peak, while receiving valuable knowledge about its flowers and fauna. In retrospect George's most valuable contribution to HPS may have been his mentoring of new participants within HPS into the O and I leaders of today. His efforts help to ensure that HPS remains one of the most viable and active sections within the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

One of his favorite peaks however was not on any list. George liked exploring off the list too. For instance he enjoyed peaks like Zahniser, near San Gorgonio, and included those on his trips. One he particularly liked with good reason was Peak 8990, east of Heart Bar Peak. This peak has a nice class 2 summit block with terrific views of Old Greyback, San Jacinto, Baldy, and far out into the great desert. It's a pleasant spot well suited for quiet contemplation. It is only fitting that Wysup Peak is accessible by three routes ranging from two easy hikes on the PCT, to a beautiful cross country jaunt.

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 2011.

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