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12F Occidental Peak

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named ca. 1920 by the USFS after Pete Goodell, and a group of other students from Occidental College in Northeast Los Angeles, built a trail connecting this peak to Mount Wilson (1915).

Gabrieleño Indian place names in this area have been forgotten, consequently its earliest known name was "Precipicio Peak", because it was directly above Eaton Canyon-which itself was formerly known as "El Cañon del Precipicio", or "Precipice Canyon" according to C.F. Saunders in The Southern Sierras of California (1923). Sierra Club founder John Muir (1838-1914) climbed this peak (August, 1877), and referred to it as "The Knifeblade" in his Mountains Of California (1894). It is still alternately called "Knife Blade Ridge". This is the only HPS summit that Muir climbed in the San Gabriels.

Name first appears on USFS Angeles National Forest map (1925).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1939.

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