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2A Lightner Peak

Location: Kern County, California

Named after Abia Lightner who came to California with his wife Jennie and their seven children (1849). He earned an honorific title of Captain by safely leading a wagon train of settlers from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Pomona. He then moved to Keysville, via San Jose, shortly after the first discovery of gold here. He founded the first stampmill, took over the old Mammoth Mine. He built his home on Lightners Flat two miles south of this peak; becoming one of the first Kern River Valley settlers (1856).

Name first appears on Sequoia National Forest map (1970).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1970, as follows:
LIGHTNER PEAK (6433) Breckenridge area.
Climb via Lightner's Flat (3 mi., 1100' gain). Commanding view of Kern
River gorge. Interesting summit block. Exploratory led May 31, 1970.

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