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HPS Peak Maps

Maps of the HPS routes are available on the HPS Web site. Please note: the maps will show some additional pathfinder routes and in a very few instances the routes and/or route numbers will differ from what is now shown in the peak guides.

Please report all errors to the Mountain Records Chair at

The most current maps are only available electronically (not in paper form anymore). Most require the use of National Geographic's TOPO! software ... which was discontinued in May of 2012. We're exploring other formats, but transitioning to a new format will be a huge undertaking. (Willing to volunteer? Contact the Mountain Records Chair!)

Some of the newer maps are available in PDF or JPEG formats, you'll be able to tell from the name of map what type of format is used. The .tpg and .tpo formats are for the TOPO! software.

The maps are available individually here on the HPS Web site, linked from the individual peak guides.

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