Barley Flats


Location: Los Angeles County, about 4 miles north of Mount Wilson, 35 miles from Los Angeles, 19 miles from La Cañada-Flintridge


Auto ClubLos Angeles and Vicinity
Forest ServiceAngeles National Forest
USGS TopoChilao Flat 7½
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Nearby Peaks: Mount Lawlor


(USFS Adventure Pass may be required)
Distance: 1/2 mile round trip cross-country
Gain: 100'
Time: 1 hour round trip
Rating: Class 1, easy

Original: Dick Akawie, March 1973



If the Camp Unity gate is open, you can hike through the gate and up the road approximately 1000' to a small parking area on the south side of the road. The parking area has a wooden retaining wall about one foot high on its south edge. Cross this retaining wall and walk 20' to a pedestrian gate secured by a wire. Go through the gate, turn right, and hike along the south fence line on the outside of the fence to the base of the hill. Hike up the hill to the green steel water tank. Continue to summit register.

If the gate is open, this route is much better since there is no brush, and it is a direct route to the summit. At the entry gate there is a sign "Beware of Dogs". In general, if the gate is open, there is no problem as the dogs are caged and a hiker is unlikely to be questioned or challenged while using this route since it bypasses most of the developed area by going past outside the fence line.

This route should not be used if the gate is closed as the dogs are loose.