2019 HPS Election - Candidate Statements

Statement of George Christiansen

I am again running for a position on the HPS Management Committee for a third two year term. I have been honored to serve for the past four years and would like to serve once again. I have hiked with the Hundred Peaks Section for the past ten years and I am now familiar with multiple routes to many of our peaks. In this regard, I have served as Mountain Records Chair and Access Chair for the Section. If honored with your vote, my intent would be to continue in these positions, where I feel that I can best serve the Section.

Statement of Jim Hagar

Starting with WTC in 2009, the Sierra Club introduced me to the outdoors for the first time and changed my whole out- look on life. As I’ve progressively involved myself with HPS I’ve come to deeply respect its rich history and historic accomplishments over the decades. I’m proud to be affiliated with HPS. I have been an active I leader for the section and have helped new leaders with their provisional outings. I made and keep updated the maps and GPS tracks you find on our web site. I have served on the Management Committee for several years. I’ve also been involved at the chapter level as a Safety Committee reviewer. I am interested in helping the section stay relevant and attract new and active members. Developing new leaders is equally important, preserving and encouraging a culture of mentorship and streamlining the process for potential new leaders. Let’s keep bringing the joy of the outdoors as enthusiastically to future generations as we have in the past.

Statement of Coby King

I’m happy to put myself up for election to a fourth and final term on the Management Committee. Even after serving on MComm for six years, the Hundred Peaks Section remains one of the glories of my life! I discovered peak- bagging in my late 30s, and while I have had to balance my hiking and traveling with family, work, and my political activities, it remains one of my life’s joys. I am asking for your vote for reelection to Management Committee because I want to continue to strengthen HPS, maintain what is attractive to current members, and figure out new ways to increase membership and bring in younger hikers and peak-baggers. For many years I have been the administrator of the Section’s Facebook page, and I’m very pleased at its growth and will continue to use social media to expand participation in our outings and to recruit new leaders. I’ve been happy to serve three terms as chair and I’m on my third term as vice chair and I hope I’ve done a good job in performing the duties of those offices.

My time on the Management Committee has been marked by great progress. In part (but ONLY in part) due to my leadership, we’ve transitioned to full electronic delivery of THE LOOKOUT and conversion of our elections to the Inter-net, both of which have substantially reduced our Section’s expenses and carbon footprint. Our financial status is very strong, events continue to be successful, and a new generation of leaders and participants are joining us. Our success in nominating our members for Angeles Chapter awards is a testament to the respect in which people hold our Section.

While I have not completed the list (although as of this writing I only have 10 peaks to go!), I actually think that can be an advantage on the Management Committee. In addition, I have served on numerous boards and commissions over my career, and I believe I’m an effective manager and focused on results for the organizations I serve. Finally, I believe deeply in the mission of the Sierra Club, and I look forward to continuing to use my position to maintain access to our peaks and their routes, and to introduce more people to the glories of our local high places. We have much work to do and I hope to be able to work on your behalf for two more years. Thanks for your consideration.

Statement of Sreedhar “Reddy” Yetur

I have been hiking with HPS for about two years and became a member a little over a year and a half. While hiking with HPS, I have bagged 231 peaks with 186 of those counting towards the list. I managed to become an “O” rated leader a little over a year ago and had the privilege of leading and /or co-leading to 135 peaks. While hiking and leading with HPS, I met several dedicated leaders, who were instrumental in teaching me about hiking, safety, route planning, route finding and leadership. Now, I am a provisional “I” leader. None of this would be possible without the leadership and management of HPS, which created the frame work for others to learn, grow and show the community at large to preserve and protect the wilderness and have fun in the process. As a committee member, I will work with the committee and jump in with both feet to preserve and promote the ideals of HPS.

Statement of Sunny Yi

Hello, my name is Sunny Yi. I finished the HPS List three years ago and I am now hiking Sierra Peak Section, Desert Peak Section and Hundred Peak Section peaks every weekend. In 2018, I graduated from WTC. I helped me in my aim to advance my knowledge, skills and ability to safely lead hiking friends in a wide range of hikes, and in becoming an I-rated Sierra Club leader. I would like to continue to help others by serving as a member of the HPS Management Committee.

Hundred Peaks Section