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Toro Peak, Santa Rosa Mountain


By: Allen Holden

I was very pleased to see Toro Peak reinstated because of the superb hiking it offers. Many members will simply drive to it and check it off. I understand that, as List finisher 151, and what a great game we do have, but I have led Toro for ten years without driving it.

The great triangle hike goes like this: From the Sawmill parking area (as described in the Martinez Peak guide), drive east four miles up the rough switchbacked road to the sawmill site with its kiln still standing, 6200'. The hike goes first to spot elevation 7210' along old logging roads and open cross-country. Holding that contour, bend south above the ravine and drop into it near its head and go up the open ridge to the road. Go right a short distance and then left uphill on the peak road. Take that road to the summit or just go straight up when directly below it.

After lunch, go down through the rocks and work the ridge all the way to Santa Rosa. What a wonderful skills workout! You will never tire of it or be able to do it the same way twice. From Santa Rosa, go back along the road to Stump Spring-Toro Camp and enjoy the downhill cross-country to the kiln. Stay high and a bit to your right avoiding the Deep Canyon slope. There is a flagged trail but it is a meandering mishmash of old logging tracks, more bother than it is worth to cross-country-hikers.

Another great Pathfinder option hikers could consider: Drive to Santa Rosa and park. Take the ridge out to Toro and back, doubling your fun!

As for the Indians, I can only say that in all my years on that mountain, I have never encountered one. They do own the summit but obviously they have leased it out to the communications companies for their towers and we meet those workers occasionally, no problems there.

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