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Bighorn Mountain, Dragons Head, San Gorgonio Mountain

31 August 2001

By: Karen Isaacson Leverich

Leaders: Mars Bonfire, Carleton Shay

This one's going to be really informal, because Mars will be doing a report for the Lookout, and I'll leave all the serious stuff for him. Mainly, I wanted to share Brian's photographs. (These are the raw versions -- he'll clean them up when he has some time free, and then they'll be smaller and easier to look at. Watch this space?)

This hike ended up being a little unusual -- nine of us started out, eleven of us returned. San Gorgonio was optional, most of us didn't need it, but all eleven of us did it, anyhow. We started hiking shortly after 7:15AM, came out at 8:30PM, and had a truly wonderful time. The weather was gorgeous.

The initial nine included the leaders Mars Bonfire and Carleton Shay, plus Dave Comerzan, Rich Gnagy, Joanne Griego, Laura Joseph, Karen Leverich, Brian Leverich and Ingeborg Prochazka. We were joined shortly before leaving the trail for Bighorn Mountain by Chris Davis (who'd just had quite the adventure on 10K Ridge, the details of which he'll maybe share here soon?) and George Tucker. Chris we'd been expecting ever since Fish Creek Saddle, George was a total but welcome surprise.

The photographs:

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