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Mount Williamson

2 June 2002

By: Bobcat Thompson

Leaders: Stag Brown & Bobcat Thompson

We sixteen climbed the son of William
In the high San Gabriels.
We counted lizards a quarter million
O'er all the hills and dells.

Amongst our troupe, 3 kids, 3 dogs
Scrambled over many rocks & logs.
And far above the heat and smog
Lunched on top with food and grog.

The Desert spread out far below
And lightly did the cool winds blow.
And finally it cam time to go
So down the trail we all did flow.

With sixteen bi-pedal hominids and three quadrupedal friends, we arrived back down at the cars at Islip Saddle by 3 p.m. and headed for Pepe's of La Cañada for post hike revelry. Thanks to Stag for asking me to help lead this hike.

Once again, the time has come
to lead this hike; sure fun for some.
It's Joe's & Stag's first Sunday in June.
For twenty-one years, they've hike the same tune
But Joe could not answer the call.
In comes Bobcat shouting, "I'll help out, y'all!"
"Thank you, Bob, you'll do just fine."
Said Stag, "In twenty-one, this is the first time
That Joe Young could not have come
To lead this and have some fun."
Starting with sixteen in two legs
Including three children with three dogs.
Three children ranging ages 5 through 8,
And the dogs a-roaming: It was great!
As we started up the trail,
Big smiles, eyes gleam, waggin' tails,
We added to the elevation gain,
And time passed some strength did wane.
Five decided to they had to turn back,
Eleven onward, fun did not lack.
But later on, two more must stop,
One plus her dog, yet not to the top.
However, the remained continued on
To the top of Mt. Williamson.
One child was Reina Lee Brown
Who bagged this peak, second time around.
With stomachs full and rested well
"Five more minutes" did Stag yell.
Time to head down the dusty trail.
A day well spent, the joy not veiled.
The group spread out heading back
But keeping pace with lightened packs.
And Reina still having fun
Counting lizards one by one.
We arrived back, some tired and sore,
Thinking of the reward that's in store.
So at Pepe's, cooling down with a drink
It's the end for now...I think.

By Nami T. Brown

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