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Rosa Point

31 January 2002

By: Ingeborg Prochazka

My 200th Peak

It took me 20 years to achieve the emblem milestone of One Hundred Peaks. It happened on Bertha on August 22, 2001. My hiking buddy Karen got her 100th on the same day on Silver. When I moved to LA in 1980 to change careers and go back to school, I hiked occasionally with the Club and by myself, giving no thought whatsoever to Hundred Peaks. Since I am in the habit of keeping records of my activities, it was easy to find out that I had hiked 25 peaks and I joined the Section. Then something happened, last summer, and I realized I could actually do one hundred peaks. Having retired a year earlier and being physically fit plus the availability of lots of midweek hikes thanks to Byron, Mars, Carleton, George, and Tom, I really got into it.

What is it that makes HPS hikes so addictive? Well, first and foremost it is our compulsive nature about setting and reaching goals. Then it is the challenge of teh hike itself, the endless elevation gains, losses, and long miles. Being out in the wilderness in often rather remote places feels like a mini vacation. And it s the views from the top, what a sight!

Karen and I kept right on going, after our emblem event. Soon we were approaching the 200 bar status. Karen, while chatting and hiking with Mars, figured out that we both were so close that it was actually possible to celebrate the 200 together as well. And so we did, with careful planning, reach our 200th peak on Rosa Point on January 31, 2002. I AM SO HAPPY, as Ping would always say!

Thanks to all the leaders and fellow hikers for all their support!

Now I am slowing down, to savor the remaining 65, as of this writing. All the best to Karen on her quest! The next milestone is calling!

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