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Iron Mountain #3, Rabbit Peak #1

18 February 1996

By: Ruth Dobos

Shortly after the untimely death of Theresia Glover on January 28, 1996, Ruth Dobos and friends of Theresia organized a memorial hike for her. Because of uncertainty about the accessibility of many peaks, and because it was believed that only Iron #3 and Rabbit #1 remained for Theresia to climb (some say she had actually already climbed them), these peaks were chosen for the hike. Hikers were told to meet at La Cañada at 10:00 am. Over forty hikers convened at the rideshare point. Skies were mostly cloudy and temperatures very comfortable this day.

The hikers consolidated into a number of vehicles for the ride to Monte Cristo Campground, then further consolidated into the sturdier vehicles for the drives closer to each summit. David Eisenberg stayed back at the campground to save a site for the post-hike memorial celebration.

Most of the group then caravanned up the dirt road to the mine and turned toward Iron Mtn. The vehicles parked at various locations where the road widened a bit. Some hikers preferred to hike both peaks today. Carleton Shay, Frank and Ruth Dobos led us a short ways up the road and soon spotted the steep route that gains the top of the ridge to Iron. We arrived on its summit at 12:30 pm. We lingered a long time on top speaking of Theresia, her accomplishments, our love for her and our own feeling of loss. Roy Stewart brought along a special register for participants to sign. While Ruth circulated among the group, Cesar Michel recorded the event with video camera and many others took photos.

After returning to the cars the caravanners turned their vehicles around on the narrow road, a time consuming process, and headed toward Rabbit. Others hiked down a ridge from Iron and then up to Rabbit. We arrived on the summit of Rabbit at 2:00 pm. Some of us lingered on the summit with thoughts of Theresia before returning to the cars. This was the last peak on Theresia's List. Ruth wore Theresia's red hat on the hikes. Patty Kline pinned the hat with Theresia's List Finishing Pin on the peak. Again many pictures and conversations about Theresia.

Just about everybody reconvened at the campsite preserved by David Eisenberg today. A picnic table was spread with many shared celebratory items. The celebration lasted about an hour.

We believe that Theresia would have been pleased about this celebration, including the hikes. Much of the conversation this day was about our own special memories of Theresia. She was with us in our hearts today ... and always.

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