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Rosa Point

13 January 1996

By: David Jensen

Leaders: Frank Goodykoontz, Carleton Shay, David Jensen

Perhaps it was the date, or the possibility of very warm weather, or the fact that there were thirteen hikers in the group. In any case, these omens conspired to give us a rather late start at 7:05, when we struck off across the desert towards one of the more unfriendly peaks on the list.

After hiking about a mile, Frank turned back because he wasn't feeling well, so Carleton took over with Dave Jensen assisting. From then on it was uneventful, and while warm, it was not uncomfortably so. We kept together by pausing more frequently than one would on a less-than-relentless 4800' gain peak.

The fastest hikers reached the summit at 12:45, and the last ten minutes later. We took a 20-minute lunch and headed down, determined to make it before dark. We reached the cars at 5:25, after sundown, but with lots of light remaining. AlI in all, a very satisfying day! The participants were Kevin Doyle, Mike Fredette, Jack Haddad, David Michels, Virgil Popescu, Hanna Shay, Austin and Betty Sterrett, John Wells, and Robert Young.

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