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Iron Spring Mountain, Beauty Peak

25 February 1995

By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Jerry Keating, Luella Fickle

Frank and Ruth Dobos were to lead with David Eisenberg. Three weeks before the trip, David called to ask me to assist, since Frank and Ruth couldn't be there. Fine, Erich and I planned to go any way. Then David fell on the Quail hike, February 18. He's mending, but not ready to do Iron Springs/Beauty. I called Jerry Keating and asked if could assist. No problem. David had us meeting 8AM Dripping Springs Campground. Thelma/Walt, Jerry/Nancy spent Friday night there. Wayne Norman, Erich and I drove in the morning. This made for a late start on the hike.

Second problem: Erich and I had done the Powers Ranch route in 1990 with Terri Sutor and Terri Astle. We had ridden to the roadhead in the back of a van and did not see the route at all. My other climbs of Beauty and Iron Springs had been from the CRHT from south or east. Jerry Keating had done the Powers Ranch route some 20 years ago. So with peak guide in hand we attempted to find Powers Ranch. No problem with the exception of the following: The paved road curves into the Tule Ranch Road, don't go straight here, go about 1/4 mile on Tule Ranch Road and then turn left onto the dirt road just before where Tule Ranch Road becomes dirt. Otherwise the peak guide is fine. One wrong turn and we were at Powers Ranch by 9:30.

We climbed Iron Springs by 12:01 - Walt Wiseman was happy, we had lunch at lunchtime. The top of Iron Springs had been burned. The CRHT route from the east (Bailey Road) would be a breeze, no brush up the slope from the CRHT. On the way down we met Carleton and Hanna Shay. Almost at the dam, we met Cristy Bird and Martin Feather. Martin and Cristy's tracks were a great help going up Beauty.

We arrived back at the cars around five. Jerry had lost his canteen, Carleton/Hanna or Martin/Cristy found it and left it on our truck. Thank you. Jerry and Nancy Keating, Walt and Thelma Wiseman wanted to stay and do Combs. Erich, Wayne and I wanted to go home. So the leadership of the trip was turned over to Jerry and Nancy. Thanks to all for a lovely day.

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