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Cucamonga Peak, Etiwanda Peak

11 June 1994

By: Theresia Glover

Leader: Frank Dobas, Assistant Theresia Glover

It was a beautiful day for this adventurous hike to Cucamonga and Etiwanda and quite an international group. There were eight participants, two Hungarians, one Austrian, one Filipino, one German, one Australian, and two Americans. We made it up to Cucamonga in excellent time, conversing in many languages on the way. Hungarian seemed to be the most animated and interesting. Those of us who couldn't understand, wondered what great knowledgeable subjects they were discussing with such vivacity. The topics in English, which were understood by all, ranged from "Flesh-eating bacteria"? to our latest trips overseas. We believed that because we had a doctor with us on the trip that we would be safe from the "Pacmen" like bacteria, and that we needn't abort the trip. So we ate lunch on Cucamonga, took pictures and moved on to Etiwanda where we had a brief break to look at the breathtaking view.

On the way back down to the cars, Frank decided to explore a fascinating cave which we had found. He and Virgil climbed inside and disappeared. We wondered if we would ever see them again but they emerged after about ten minutes, covered in cobwebs and dirt, and with descriptions of many twisting, winding labyrinths. We were happy that they found the correct one out! They had also cooled down while they were in there. Again, we were making a good pace and arrived at the cars earlier than we had expected. It was a fast group, obviously spurred on by the varied and exciting conversational topics.

The trip participants were Frank Dobos, Theresia Glover, Annemarie Schober, Virgil Tatao, Peter Leidl, Jerry Kildn, Simone Tix and Roben Young.

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