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Antimony Peak, Eagle Rest Peak

10 April 1994

By: Joe Young

Joe Young, Wynne Benti-Zdon

Despite clouds and rain widespread throughout Southern California the previous day, eleven hikers (nine humans and two dogs) showed up for this outing. We consolidated into four cars and caravanned to the roadhead for Antimony. Just before 8:00 am we began our hike. At approximately 9:00 we arrived on the summit of Antimony, and were pleasantly surprised to find a register. We enjoyed the beautiful hoarfrost on the pines on the summit. We then hiked over to the north slopes of the west peak of Antimony and headed downhill to elevation 5500' arriving there at 10:00. Along the way we encountered many red flowers identified as best we could as "pine drops." Our flora book indicated that "pine drops" was the best guess for these flowers, except that pine drops were summer plants.

We ascended peak 5990', then dropped to the indistinct saddle at 5000'. (The only stretch of moderate brush is to be found on the slopes north of peak 5990'.) Here we encountered Bill T. Russell, Vic and Sue Hannay, and Steve Nardi returning from Eagle Rest. We then pushed on to the summit of Eagle Rest, arriving at its summit block at about 12:15 pm. We found a register here, also. The two dogs stopped short of the summit about a hundred yards.

We stayed on the summit almost an hour, then retraced our path. There is more gain on return (3200') then there is going out (2300') to Eagle Rest. The 5500'and 14 miles round trip make this a very strenuous outing. We arrived at the cars just before 6:00 pm.

The sun batted the clouds all day, finally achieving mostly blue skies in the late afternoon. Temperatures were cool all day, ranging from low 40's in the morning to low 50's in the afternoon. But there was never a threat of rain.

This had been an enjoyable hike with a congenial group.

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