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Lake Peak, Ten Thousand Foot Ridge

15 August 1992

By: Jack Trager

Leaders: Jack Trager, Gordon Lindberg

Because of the meeting time, 7 am at the Heart Bar Campground, most of the participants opted to drive up Friday afternoon or evening and stay at the campground. From there we caravanned in to Fish Creek Meadows in 5 vehicles.

The idea for the trip originated with Gabriele Rau, but because she is not yet a certified leader even though quite experienced and able, Gordon and I agreed to lead the outing. After introductions at the trail head, we asked Gabriele to lead as one of her provisional leads while I stayed with her. She set a fine pace and we were soon at Fish Creek Saddle where we rested and discussed the route to Grinnell. Since it had not been scheduled and in the interest of time, we went on to the summit of Lake and then along the ridge to 10K.

After enjoying the views and lunch on top, we were ready to be homeward bound and I made a mistake. I had taken the shortcut down the draw from the foot of 10K at least twice before, but with the years, had forgotten that it was rather steep and rough. On my suggestion, Gabriele led down that way but about halfway down, the way became quite steep and slippery. I stayed back with some of the slower people to assist and asked Walt Whisman and Woody Brown to scout ahead for the best route. It was rather slow going, but all made the descent without incident though Gordon did accuse me of leading a "Death march." Once we hit the trail at the bottom of the gully, we were soon back at the cars and returned to the rendezvous point at Heart Bar.

In addition to the three leaders and Walt and Woody, the participants were Thelma Whisman, Lucy Woodward, Richard Schamberg, Donna Speckt, Dorothy Danziger, and Debbie Jacobwitz.

Thanks to all for their understanding and good humor and to Gordon, Walt, Woody, and Gabriele for their help. Gabriele did a very excellent job, and I am only sorry that I put her in a difficult position on the lead down.

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