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Snow Peak, Allen Peak, Constance Peak

25 July 1992

By: Ruth Lee Dobos

Leaders: Frank & Ruth Lee Dobos

On Saturday, 4 participants climbed Snow Peak. We expected that the day would be very hot and went out of our way to discourage all but the most determined hikers. (One of them was on the way to get her emblem.)

On Sunday, we led a group of eleven hikers up Allen Peak by the new preferred route. They were Erv & Janet Bartell, Diane Dunbar, Tal Kanigher, and a group of friends from the San Diego Chapter: Terri Sutor, Ed Sutor, Terri Astle, Pam Walker, and Paul Freiman. We followed David Eisenberg's instructions. This route avoids all private property, but the first 1300' of gain is something to be prepared for. The loose dirt and the poison oak in the canyon will test your endurance. But after we climbed to the "Aqueduct Trail," things got bettr, including a shower at the "Geyser."

Diane Dunbar celebrated her 100th peak on Allen Peak, finally earning her HPS emblem. Back at the cars, champagne was served and good wishes and hugs were exchanged.

Our San Diegan friends departed, but we had another obligation: helping Janet to get her emblem, too. We drove to Constance, where Frank led 5 of us to the top. More celebration, more champagne. (No register, even the can is missing.) We enjoyed the view, then climbed down the mountain to Diane's strawberry shortcake. We all drove home after dinner in Claremont. It was a pleasant weekend with good weather.

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