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Iron Mountain #3

26 January 1992

By: Bob Wheatley

Leaders Gordon Lindberg, Bob Wheatley

Today we celebrated Beverly's 100th peak - on rain delay since January 5 - by lugging the refreshments up Iron's steep use trail (no, this wasn't Big Iron, Bev!) to the top. There were 32 thirsty participants which included Leader Gordon Lindberg, Official Scout Jack Trager, and Official Sweep, Yrs Trly.

This event was originally slated for Mt. Gleason, but because of icy road conditions on the Mt. Gleason Road, we retreated back down Mill Creek Canyon to Monte Cristo Campground where we set up "Base Camp". From here, the summit of Iron #3 is 0.8 mile straight up by trail and 3 miles by fire road. After returning from the peak by the more surefooted road, the celebration began in earnest with heapfuls of snacks and renewed refreshments. (Drivers confined themselves to sparkling cider and other innocuous stuff.)

Of noteworthy interest: Bevery celebrated her 25th peak on San Gabriel April 17 and in the next eight months closed in on the next 75 plus about a dozen Lower Peaks, several Desert and Orange County Peaks and, if that wasn't enough, completed the Wilderness Training Course. And the momentum continues.

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