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Bare Mountain

16 November 1991

By: Southern Courtney

Leaders: Brent Washburne, Southern Courtney

Brent led our large group of happy hikers on his new route to Bare. It turned out to be a real roller coaster trail with about 2206 gain over 4.1 miles. When we reached the top of the final pull, it was time for celebration for more than one reason.

Lynda Armbruster had bagged her Emblem 100 Peak with cheers and bubbly. Husband Tom had the Emblem Pin ready and pinned her on the summit.

I led the group down via the primary route which is much shorter, quicker, and mostly downhill. This way had one bad feature: it took us near the shooting area.

But all 30 hikers made it out without broken bones or gunshot wounds!

Our thanks to all, and good going Lynda.

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