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Bare Mountain

6 October 1990

By: Charlie Knapke

During a telephone conversation with Alan Coles, the subject of Bare Mountain came up. The problem is this. At the starting point where we normally hike this peak, there is now a very active shooting area. The hiking route comes very close to being directly in the line of fire. Alan suggested that it may be necessary to remove Bare from the HPS list. I suggested that we investigate another route first. Alan thought that this was a good idea and offered to assist. We then made plans to check out a possible route from the Eastern side.

On a Saturday morning, Alan and I met at Three Points. We drove to the regular starting point and then continued on to the Eastern side of the mountain. After some discussion, we decided to start at the site of the Little Cedars Campground. We walked about a hundred feet south of the campground entrance and then went straight up the slope. There is some brush along this ridge but working to the left would always find a clear route. We continued on the same ridge all of the way to the peak. It is steeper than the normal route but only marginally so.

From a safety standpoint, this route should replace the southern route in the peak guides. The shooting area does not threaten any part of this route.

I would like to thank Alan for his help scouting this trip. I have also received suggestions from several other people about this peak.

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