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San Guillermo Mountain, San Rafael Peak, Thorn Point (LO), Lockwood Peak

10 November 1990

By: Patty Kline

Leaders: Frank Goodykoontz, Patty Kline

We met at 7:00 am at the intersection of the Lockwood Valley Rd and Mutau Rd (7NO3). There were 11 of us. It was a perfect day. It didn't freeze the whole weekend. First we did San Guillermo, which would make a great list finishing since it is only 2 miles round trip and 800' gain. Next came San Rafael at 6666'; 10 mi. round trip and 2000' of gain. I could make comments on the symbolism of the elevation of San Rafael. I really enjoyed the view of Cobblestone from there, rising in triangular grace.

We got back to camp at Thorn Meadow Campground just before dark. After a community happy hour and garbage bag salad, we enjoyed the firewood left by a previous camper. Cristy Bird and Martin Feather were basically doing the same peaks that weekend, but on their own. They joined our campfire for a while. Frank and Hazel Goodykoontz spent the night in luxury in their van "motor home" while most of the rest of us were in trucks with camper shells.

The peak I enjoyed the most was the first one we did Sunday morning, Thorn Pt. It is one of those peaks with a lookout and a great view. We could see a gleaming ocean and some of the Channel Islands in the distance beyond Chief and Hines. Back at camp, we had more garbage bag salad along with lunch. Next we did Lockwood, getting back just at dusk. It was a nice day.

Those participating not already mentioned were: Erik Siering, Bill Faulkner, Mark Scofield, Dorothy Pallas, Bonnie Michel, Ceasar Michel, Alan Hill, Lew Amack, and Mike Kelley.

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