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Mount Lowe

6 November 1990

By: Sid "San Jac" Davis

Tuesday morning, Andy Smatko and I met John Robinson at Lloyd's Restaurant in La Cañada. We hadn't seen John for a long time and it was great to talk over old times. But talking about old times, we were going to climb Mt. Lowe via the old Mt. Lowe Tavern which as you may know is now a campground.

In 1931, 59 years ago, a friend of mine and I climbed via Mallards Canyon to Mt. Lowe Tavern, it was a beautiful building with an enormous fireplace and out on the point was a fox farm. We made that climb many times in the early thirties, sometimes when the trolley came by we would hop on the back but most of the time they would kick us off.

Anyway it was sad just to see a rock wall. John took some pictures and so did I then we left and climbed Mt. Lowe. It was just great to be with old friends.

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