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Mount Gleason

19 May 1990

By: Nami "Thumper" Brown

Once upon a time up Mt. Gleason and Bobcat Peak

Once upon a time, a cat named Bobcat, joined forces with Thumper to lead an adventuresome hike up Bobcat Peak and Mt. Gleason. They decided to make this hike on a Saturday, May 19th. They also decided to grab some "carrots" and "meat", meaning breakfast for energy. So, they and a few friends, Stag, Sandy 'Bluebird' Houston, Mike 'Roadrunner' Baldwin and Joe Young met at Lloyd's at 7am. Then picking up more hiking companions at the La Cañada carpool point at 8am.

Upon reaching the trailhead and parking their transport, they proceeded to put their boots on and get their gear together. One of their friends, named Bluebird had a rough ride up and was feeling a bit sick. However, bluebirds never quit and she didn't. So the pack of forty trekked downward and upward towards their first destination, Bobcat Peak. The trail to the peak was quite beautiful and the flowers, fanciful.

They approached the firebreak and began to sweat, literally. The firebreak was exposed, dry and hot. If it weren't for Mr. Breeze, they would probably have melted away. Lo and behold, with time, the whole pack made it up Bobcat Peak.

After a brief rest and nibbling, they headed up and down back the same way towards Gleason. The pack split up, Tigers and Stag going one way, the Bobcats, Thumpers and Bluebirds going the other. The Tigers and one Stag beat the other group by an hour and a half to two hours. They rested their weary paws a bit and headed on back via deer path ... pouncing here and there between trees to the PCT.

All made it back to the cars, tails intact. They met at Pepe's to reminisce their adventure with Bobcat and Thumper Brown. THE END!

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