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Little San Gorgonio Peak, Wilshire Mountain, Wilshire Peak, Oak Glen Peak, Cedar Mountain, Birch Mountain, Allen Peak

10 June 1989 (private trip)

By: Roy Stewart

As List Completion gets nearer, there are always a few problem peaks. Having resolved most of them, I was left with six peaks on the Yucaipa Ridge.

Attending the HPS meetings gives one a chance to learn about trips and to talk to some trip leaders. In discussing the Yucaipa Ridge, Jon Sheldon, a veteran leader of many trips, suggested doing all six peaks in one day.

The next problem was who was going to lead. Charlie Knapke, with whom I have gone on a number of trips, kindly volunteered.

In February, we set the date and started sending off for the permission necessary to enter private property. Three separate parties had to be contacted. But luck was with us, and all three necessary permits were granted.

A group of 23 met at 6AM at Hwy 38 and Valley of the Falls Road. From there, a 17.8 mile car shuttle was set up to the trailhead of Little San Gorgonio, and, at 10:55AM, the main group made peak number one for the day. Frank Goodykoontz commented, "This is the first time I've made this peak before noon." I believe this was Frank's seventh assault on this peak.

The two Wilshire's were bagged by 12:05PM. Jim Fujimoto did his 100th on Wilshire Peak. Alan Coles suggested a nice shady spot five minutes from Wilshire Peak to stop for lunch. After lunch we set off for Oak Glen Peak. This peak is not on the HPS List, but according to Bobcat Thompson is on the "UPS List". You ask, what is the UPS List? Well, I was told it stands for "Unwanted Peak Section". Call Bobcat for further information.

The highlight of the day came at 2:55PM on Birch Mountain. This was Charlie Knapke's List Finisher. The champagne cork popped, and I presented Charlie with his List Completion pin. Pictures were taken of the List finishers; there were nine present. In reading the Register, we found that Carleton Shay had finished the List for the third time on Birch on June 6, 1989. We made the last peak of the day, Allen, at 5:30PM and were back to the cars at 6:45PM. After the car shuttle, we partied until dark.

Charlie and I want to thank Jon Sheldon, Dick Akawie, Bobcat Thompson, Alan Coles and Frank Goodykoontz for their assistance in making this trip come off trouble-free. Thanks also to the participants for making the trip a family affair.

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