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Ross Mountain

1 November 1988 (Private trip)

By: Roy Stewart

Having missed the few times Ross Mountain had been hiked, I decided to do it on my own! I came to this decision only because Bobcat Thompson had led me to Throop and Burnham from where I got a visual picture of the ridge that leads to Ross. Most important was that I could see that I would not get lost, as I am no Henry-the-Navigator.

I started from Vincent Gap at 6:25AM and was on top of Baden-Powell at 8:05AM. Taking out the Peak Guide and being able to see Ross Mountain made me confident. So, with a short prayer, I was off at 8:15AM. At 9:30AM, after seeing the "ducks", I made the turn up to the top. At 10:00AM, after eating a little and resting, I looked up at Baden-Powell and the two steep ridges with 2000 feet gain, and off I went.

As I had hoped, I met up with the Sierra Club hike to Baden-Powell that was just about to leave. The leaders were Stag Brown and Joe Young with whom I hike at Griffith Park on Wednesdays.

It was a hard day, and this was my 237th peak, hoping for List Completion next year.

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