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Pinyon Ridge

14 May 1988

By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Luella Martin, Jack Trager, Gordon Lindberg

This was Gordon Lindberg's List Completion party. We almost had 71 to help Gordon celebrate 271 peaks on his 71st birthday.

By the time all the celebrants had driven to Vincent gap, Jack Trager still had not appeared. He, along with Kay Machen, drove their trucks and party refreshments to the top of Pinyon Ridge early and he was to hike back to meet the group. So Gordon got to sweep for the early portion of the hike.

We met Jack about a half mile from Vincent Gap, and I took drag, Gordon was allowed to mingle and Jack took point. Except for a shortcut it was all road hiking. We passed a Forest Service employee and invited him to the party, but he didn't come - his loss.

All celebrants were on the summit by 11:30AM. Then picture taking began of Gordon and the other List Finishers: Betty Stirratt, Jack Trager, John Backus, George Pfeiffer, Charlotte Bourne, Luella Martin, Dave Welbourn, How Bailey, Keats Hayden, Bill T. Russell, Pat Jump, and Mickey Thayer (order taken from various sign-in sheets). Gordon and his wife Doris; sons Eric and Mark, Mark's girlfriend Dorina Martinez. Gordon's cousin, Beverly Hansen and her daughter Kristine, and the son of another cousin, Jim Cronk. This is possibly the best showing for a family I've ever witnessed at a List Finishing party.

We then moved under the trees to the north of the summit where Doris, Phyllis Trager and Kay Machen had spread out goodies on card tables. The celebrants added more goodies and we began to party. Needless to say, I did not touch any of my lunch. Art Shain and I sipped sparkling cider, the rest you know champagne.

For some reason Jack had me lead back - he said he wanted to drive his truck home. Although there was room in Jack's truck, Doris hiked back. Nobody wanted to ride. The hike back was hot and uphill. As Gordon pointed out, Vincent Gap is 54 feet higher then the "summit" of Pinyon Ridge. We waited for the last of the group on a switchback in the shade. I discovered the reason Mike Sandford carried a chair both ways. He sat in comfort while we sat in the dirt. All were back at Vincent Gap by mid-afternoon. Several climbed Mount Lewis on the way back.

I was impressed by a variety of groups represented at Gordon's party. He has been the Outings Chair for the Rio Hondo Group for the past eight years. Beside Jack and me, Bob Wright, Gene Pinel, and Katie Pelton represented the Rio Hondo Leaders. We appreciate Gordon's willingness to assist when nobody else can be found. I think this delayed his own List Completion by several years.

The Orange County Wednesday hikers were represented by Keats Hayden and by Gordon's neighbors, Thelma and Walt Whisman. Gordon often leads for the Wednesday group.

The HPS was represented by a cast of about 50 people, including Micky Thayer, Outings Chair. Gordon has been a willing assistant on many HPS trips. He still plans to continue.

Thank you Gordon, for your help.

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