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Occidental Peak

11 January 1988

By: Mike Sandford

Leaders: Mike Sandford, Dottie Rabinowitz

First Annual (and maybe last) broken leg hike to Occidental Mountain and a 100 peak party for Karen Nikisher. The trip started at the "early" hour of 8:30 AM at Lloyds (in La Cañada) for an early breakfast. After a "serious" strategy meeting, off we went to (with a brief stop at the carpool point on the Angeles Crest) the turn out on the way to Mt Wilson. This was to finish a hike I started out on last year on the same date. As you might remember, I got halfway up there before I broke my leg. I decided to do the hike again on the same date with a larger group (totaling 23). As most of the trail was covered with snow we found ourselves on and off trail all the way, although there really isn't much a person could do to get lost on this hike. Because a few hikers were more laid back than others, and with the snow, the round trip took about 2-1/2 hours. After the hike we all met at the KCET transmitter (thanks to Roy Stewart) for an indoor party and tour. It took about two plus hours of champagne and pot luck dinner before we were able to finish all the great food. The weather was great with no wind and mild temperatures. Other notables were Patty Kline, Don Lum, Laura Webb, Julie Rush and Steve, Joe Young, Frank Dobos, Ruth Lee Brown, Bobcat Thompson, Sue Palmer, Tom Neely, Sandy and Mike Baldwin, Berry, Dan and Bill. People I haven't seen in awhile were Arthur Schain and a warm welcome back to Jim and Jane Fleming.

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