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Butterfly Peak, Rock Point

12 December 1987

By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Luella Martin, Jim Raiford

By 8:30AM, all fifteen of us were at the roadhead. The Stirratts drove their truck to the junction of the Rock Pt and the Butterfly Roads; the rest walked. The Stirratts were transporting the party. We had one slow hiker, and while waiting for him, I discovered that I had a group of mine-lovers. Most of the group explored both mines. The second, according to reports, leads to an air hole straight up. The first one to a cave-in. We followed the miner's route to the top of the ridge, then we found a ducked route. In the second saddle before the peak we found a second ducked route which led lower than necessary into the canyon just south of Butterfly and followed this route up to the south ridge. We soon got into extreme Class 2. One member said we needed butterfly wings. Another suggested that he saw butterflies circling overhead. The route led off the dreaded south ridge between brush and rock to the Backus route and the summit.

We had two new HPS hikers. For both Aaron Renn and Tom Sealese this was peak number one. For Austin Stirratt it was 199, so we started back quickly. We found the Backus route to be much easier than the second saddle mentioned above. Not too far from there I lost the ducked route. We ended up one canyon too far to the east of the mine. Bushwack. A rib of rocks kept forcing us down instead of across. We arrived at the Stirratt's truck around 2:15PM. John Southworth signed out as he had to be home early. Tom Sealese also signed out for the cars. That left thirteen to transport and consume the party.

I followed the old road to where it ended on a new horse trail. From the place where the north ridge crosses and horse trail, we found a cut trail. We (Roy Stewart and myself) cut more brush and we ducked the route. Austin led the final push. It was party time! Betty and Austin had lots of goodies, but it was very cool, so the party was short.

As the sun set we arrived back at the Stirratt's truck for a 38° party. The Rock Bushmen were Cindy Okine, Aaron Renn, Ed Cokeley, Art Schain, Alan Hill, Frank James (Jesse's brother), Minor White, Kathy Banz, Betty and Austin Stirratt, Tom Sealese, John Southworth, Roy Stewart, Jim Railford and myself, the head bushperson.

Thanks to all, especially to the Stirratts for the party and to Jim for the assist.

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