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Shields, Anderson, San Bernardino, E. San Bernardino

24 July 1971

By: Les Stockton

Leader: Les Stockton
Asst.: Jon Inskeep

After jockeying around getting cars placed at either end of the climb (always one of the biggest problems of a traverse), we finally started up the Forsee Creek Trail at 9:00 am, 31 stalwarts looking eagerly forward to an 18 mile exercise effort. John Robinson, Bob Herlihy and some other old timers I haven't seen for a long time kept the hike and the conversation going. When we came to the first moment of truth - reaching the split in the trail to Shields and Anderson - the old Peak Baggers who had climbed Shields in the past opted for Anderson, while your leader led those who hadn't climbed it (about 1/2 the group) to Shields. (Ed. - It is always amusing to me to see an old Peak Bagger turn away from a mountain the second time around - if he hadn't done it before, a storm wouldn't turn him around!) When the main body reached Anderson all shady spots were covered by dozing bodies totally enjoying the warm summit. We remained here for some time, reluctant to leave (Von Pertz would have been proud of us - he says we never spend enough time on the summit).

After arousing the group, intact except for a small party split off, we had the soul searing experience of conquering East San Bernardino and San Bernardino killer Peaks. Then the long haul back to the cars. A spring is reached two miles below the last peak and we "filled up" on mountain water. We were short one body but knowing his habits and climbing style, I guessed he would be at the Inn at the end of the trail (sloshing beer). Such was the case, so the only final effort was picking up the cars at the start of the climb. So with happy hearts and unhappy feet, everyone was accounted for and proceeded homeward after a pleasant experience.

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