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Villager Peak, Rabbit Peak #2

5-6 December 1970

By: Ken Ferrell

Leader: Ken Ferrell

A minor error of a few miles in the final directions didn't discourage most people as a total of 21 still showed up for the two day strenuous backpack over trailless, rock and cactus infested route. A lot of things have already been said and written about Rabbit Pk. in previous write-ups and in spite of what you heard or read, most of it is probably true.

Whatever you read or hear, don't underestimate this trip as it is definitely not a leisurely Sunday type of a stroll. The first day isn't too bad, if you don't mind gaining approximately 4500' in about 6 miles with a 35-45 lb. pack depending on how much you brought along besides the minimum water requirement.

Sunday, or the second day, is a long one as you are up early ready to leave at the crack of dawn. We camped at 5400' just short of Villager on the East, so we made Villager in about 20 minutes and as we stood on Villager, waiting for everyone to sign the register, I heard one fellow remark: "Oh! there's Rabbit right over there, we ought to be back to camp in a couple of hours." Well, instead of the 2 hours, it was 4 hours as we were back to our camp about 1:00 p.m. and after waiting for the rear of the group to catch up we finally departed down the long, rock and cactus infested ridge about 1:40 which I figured would put us at the cars just before dark, if we kept moving.

The main group did arrive just before dark and about another hour saw the last 3 people off the ridge and across the wash to the cars. Thanks to a very bright moon, which came up early, we didn't have much trouble telling the general direction to go and dodging (most) of the cactus.

The recent rains had packed the sand down pretty good so we had no serious problems with people getting stuck. One fellow tried backing over a large rock, but fortunately with a lot of help we pushed it off.

I especially want to thank Dick Ramirez, Ron Barnes and Roy Ching who brought up the rear as Ass't. Leaders and to the fellows who waited at the parking area for an extra hour until everyone was out. We were fortunate to have almost ideal weather for the trip and the night camp on Villager was really beautiful. The disadvantage of doing this trip at this time of the year, when the weather is usually more suitable, is that the daylight hours are at a minimum and you have to keep moving at a fair pace in order to get out before dark.

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