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Mount San Antonio

2 August 1969

By: Bill Warner

Mt. Baldy Loop
Leader: Bill Warner
Asst.: Dave Welbourn

Forty hikers (including one judged to be just out of diapers) met at Mt. Baldy Village prior to 9:30 a.m. Some of the more venturesome ones left early, drove up to the ski lift and hiked up to the notch. One couple not only hiked up to the notch, but also hiked up to the top of Thunder Mtn. before returning to the notch and the group. A shuttle to the ski lift was set up for the remainder of the hikers. After arranging for a group fare which was collected by the leader, who incidentally lost money on the deal, the group took the ski lift up to the notch.

The assemblage was called together, counted, and was led to the peak by the assistant leader, passing the remains of a few small snow fields on the north slope of Baldy.

The same couple that had hiked Thunder went on ahead to the peak and then on to conquer Dawson and Pine Mtn. Some people just ask for work.

After a short lunch on the peak (all forty hikers having made the peak), the hikers broke up into two groups. A small group hiked to West Baldy and then down to the main trail where they rejoined the main group for the long hike down to Baldy Village.

A very pleasant stop was made on the way down in the Fern Glen of Bear Flats where a cooling stream refreshed the overly warm hikers.

The two "intrepid" hikers reported seeing three Bighorn sheep on their trip. It could be that one of these sheep was the one seen by the leader on the Bear Canyon Saddle while scouting the trail the week before.

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