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Sawmill Mountain, Burnt Peak, Sawtooth Mountain, Mount McDill

4 January 1969

By: Les Stockton

Leader: Les Stockton
Asst.: Sue Gleason

The weather was clear and brisk as 74 eager peakbaggers gathered at Three Points to attack the rarely scheduled Liebre Range. This car and driving test started at the roadhead where we "bunched up" in twenty-eight cars for the four mile caravan to the Sawmill saddle. The icy road (in spots) delayed some drivers but they all passed the test and from the saddle we made our way cross country to nearby Sawmill Mtn. After erecting a new cairn, we hurried back to the cars for the drive up to Burnt Peak. Our first car casualty occurred with an unchangeable flat tire, necessitating leaving one vehicle to bivouac until the morrow. The windy, chilly peak allowed minimum time for registering and we were on our way back to the saddle and two miles more of dirt road driving to the start of the two mile fuel break to Sawtooth. In spots the fuel break is steep and the group could be seen "strung out" along the entire ridge. With two exceptions, all reached the summit and had a leisurely lunch. Returning to the cars after climbing back (a fuel break trail is usually as difficult to descend as it is to ascend) we assembled at the paved road, and a 4th mountain was discussed. Thirty-six peak baggers proceeded hastily to McDill Mtn. as time was running out. A long drive up (11 miles) on sometimes wet dirt roads brought us to within one mile of the mountain, delayed by about 1/2 hour as a result of one car exhibiting complete exhaustion by running out of gas (figuratively) on a one way road! Quickly climbing the mountain in gusty winds, our delay was fortuitous, because the "climbers" viewed a most beautiful sunset. One of our newer female climbers (or female new climbers) stated it succinctly when she stated "It's so beautiful, I wish we were starting rather than finishing!" On the way out, we were greeted by the rising full moon. My timetable had been upset, as we came down in complete darkness, but the sunset and moonrise were certainly worth it!

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