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Rabbit Peak #2

14-15 December 1968

By: Bill Feldmann

Leaders: Bill Feldmann, Bob Guyan
Asst.: Fred Bode

Forty-seven climbers met at the junction of Ave. 74 and Hwy. 86, 15 miles south of Indio, 8:00 a.m., Saturday under cloudy skies. By 9:00 a.m. no sign of Bob Van Allen, our scheduled leader, so Bob Guyan and myself called his house from a nearby gas station. Then we heard from Bob, the problems and frustration he had given through trying to get to Indio three times but each time having car trouble. Bob shouldn't have tried to drive out on Friday the 13th.

After some advice via phone from Bob, Bob Guyan and I led to base camp 7 miles and 3500 feet up the ridge to Rabbit Peak. Fred Bode assisted by getting 45 of us to camp and not letting anyone get lost down a side canyon.

At 5:50, Sunday morning, all 45 of us started for the summit of Rabbit by flashlight. 1,000 feet above camp we were rewarded for our early start by a fire -- red sunrise over the Salton Sea. During the whole trip the weather was ideal with temperatures between 74° F and 47° F, cloudy skies but no wind nor rain.

At 8:35, Gary Bowen ran on to the summit rock to qualify for his DPS emblem. Frank Riseley also qualified for his emblem by this climb. By 9:30, all 45 climbers were swarming over the summit rock or flaked out around it removing thorns received from the many friendly plants in this area. After skimming through the summit register, our group of 45 appeared to be a record for Rabbit Peak.

Bob Guyan and Gary Bowen led down to camp with Fred Bode and myself bringing up the rear. After a short lunch we packed up and headed for the cars arriving just before dark.

I want to thank Bob Guyan, Fred Bode, and all members of the party for their help and cooperation, and trusting a couple of 5 P S'ers, Bob Guyan and myself, to lead them.

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