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Mount Sally, Mount Mooney, Vetter Mountain (LO), Buckhorn Peak, Winston Peak

5 May 1968

By: Dave Tygell

Leader: Dave Tygell
Asst.: Tom Wade

A cold, windy morning with clouds sweeping up from the canyons to blanket the Angeles Crest Hwy. and obscuring all but 100 feet in any direction, was the setting for 110 hardy souls who met near Short-Cut Picnic Ground for the Small-Fry Peak Bagger's Special.

Daring the elements to do their worst, 108 men, women and children climbed the fuel break to the top of Mt. Sally. By an actual nose count, it was established that 54 of the climbers were young people, ranging in age from 3 to 17. Returning to our cars, we found 11 new arrivals who joined us for the 1-mile easy round trip to the top of Mooney where 119 signed in. On this peak it took the group longer to sign in than it did to hike to and from the peak!

Returning once more to Charlton Flats we hiked 2 miles via Canyon Rd. and Lookout Trail to the top of Vetter (no near-drive-up for this robust bunch) where lunch was enjoyed in the warming sun. The number signing in was 117, and it was refreshing to see emblem holders hiking along with their youngsters. Leaving Vetter about 1:45 p.m. the group walked 2 miles back to the cars. About 40 hikers decided that the Charlton Flats Picnic Area was more inviting than two additional peaks so only 81 peak baggers headed for the fire road immediately east of the Mt. Waterman ski lift from where a short cross-country trip to the top of Buckhorn was made. On Buckhorn, congratulations were in order for co-leader Tom Wade and Youth Section Vice-Chairman Tom Heap, both of whom were eligible for 100-Peak Section membership, Buckhorn being the 25th peak for each.

The last peak, Winston, was done in short order from Cloudburst Summit, but attrition had set in in earnest and 5 p.m. found only 43 of the original 121 on top. True to the tradition of the 100-Peak Section, to cap a perfect day a group of hardy mountaineers climbed the chairs for some refreshment at Newcomb's Ranch.

It should be noted that although the write-up was an open invitation to all small-fry ages 7-77, Pete Roien, age 80, joined us on the hike to all five peaks, proving inspiration to all who hiked that day.

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