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Barley Flats, Mount Lawlor, Strawberry Peak

24 March 1968

By: Dick Akawie

Leader: Dick Akawie
Asst.: Shirley Akawie

A group of hikers, ranging in age from eight to seventy plus, met at Red Box Ranger Station for an assault on three peaks. We left at 8:15 a.m. and proceeded along the fire road toward Barley Flats. At about one mile, the leader and a few of the group in front saw a young mountain lion cross the road, but he didn't stay around for the rest to see him. We finally reached the high point of Barley Flats (this is a peak?) on the west side of the detention camp, and 64 signed the register. (Note to those who drive up the road to the detention camp from the east: you haven't reached the top of Barley Flats!) After a pause for regrouping, we then followed the ridge up and down a few times and finally up to the top of Mt. Lawlor. When the leader announced that this was the lunch stop (at 10:30 a.m.), there were assorted grumbles about eating foot at breakfast time, but everyone managed to down some food. All 64 reached the top of Mt. Lawlor, but only 60 signed the register; one of those who refused to sign claimed that the Sierra Club is a conservation organization, and since he had previously climbed the peak, he wished to conserve space in the register.

After lunch we proceeded down the ridge to the saddle between Mt. Lawlor and Strawberry Peak. At this point, a group of those who wished to leave early, or did not feel up to climbing Strawberry Peak, left for Red Box on the Strawberry Potrero trail. The 41 who remained started up the ridge for the top, but before we had gone halfway, one person conked out and was left behind. The remainder reached the top about 1:45 p.m., and after a short interval for rest, recuperation, and viewing (and more lunch), we proceeded back the same way to the saddle and out to the Ranger Station. The assistant leader, who had a hard time remembering the number of hikers in the group group despite innumerable count-offs, was back by 4 p.m.

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