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Hines Peak, Ortega Peak, Ortega Hill, Reyes Peak

19 November 1967

By: W. von Pertz

Leader: W. von Pertz
Asst.: Bob Hawthorne

It would seem that von Pertz has Hines Peak like L.A. has the smog! At least, that's how the leader felt early Sunday morning, after a last minute exploratory down into the Sespe Canyon. The weather had once again taken the initiative by washing out the only road to the trailhead. This was a repeat of the condition experienced on our previous attempt made earlier this year.

To the 38 eager would-be-participants assembled in the cold, wet, grey Sunday dawn, the announcement of trip cancellation was a disappointment. However, undaunted, they expressed interest in pursuing the leader's suggested alternate climbs.

The first alternate attempted (Ortega Peak and Ortega Hill) offered a discouraging locked gate at the entrance to the access road leading up Cherry Canyon from Hwy. 33.

This suggested that the second alternate (Reyes Peak) would be a better choice. The party proceeded further north on Hwy. 33 to the start of the 8 mile access road at Pine Summit. Bob Hawthorne explored road conditions in his 4-wheel drive wagon only to discover the road impassable.

The third attempt was just too much, and the total trip was cancelled.

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