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Mount Inyo

13-14 May 1967

By: Bob Herlihy

Early on the morning of May 13, a suspicious group of 8 HPSers (3 Akawies, Mitchell, von Pertz, Hill, Kaisener, and the writer) met inconspicuously near the fountain in Lone Pine to climb Inyo and Keynot. The backpack of approximately 5000' to the miner's campsite was made in a little under six hours, including lunch stop and siesta. In camp after 2 p.m., the restless outlaws decided it was a beautiful afternoon for a stroll, so, leaving the packs at the campsite, they climbed the additional 2000' or so to the summit of Mt. Inyo and returned to camp with good appetites for dinner.

Next morning we ascended the ridge toward Keynot, but encountered treacherous snow and ice on the steep, rocky slope just before the summit. This route, upon close inspection, was judged too risky to negotiate without ice axes. With the realization that the peak will always be there, we decided to save the ascent of Keynot for another day, when conditions would be more favorable.

We returned to our camp and descended the famous scree slope, arriving at the cars early in the afternoon. One note of particular interest on this trip was the fabulous view of the majestic High Sierras, heavily mantled in gleaming white snow, from across the Owens Valley.

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