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Shay Mountain, Little Shay Mountain, Ingham Peak, Hawes Peak

25 September 1966

By: John Frost

Leader: John Frost
Asst.: Linda Frost

(Big Bear Peak Bagger's Special #2)

The road from Holcomb Valley to Hawes Ranch in the San Bernardino Mountains is 13 miles long, and twists and bumps along through Pinyon forests and across dry stream beds. Thirty-five of us went along on this safari, and all of the cars fared well, although it was reported "bottoming out" occurred once in a while in several of the rough spots.

From Hawes Ranch we worked our way up the Muddy Springs Trail (on foot this time) to Shay Saddle. From here on, it was firebreak hiking all the way. When the Almighty set up the ridges, he paid little heed to the sensitivities of the hiker, and the Forest Service kept up the tradition when they laid out the fuel breaks. The motto of the day became, "Happiness is a 30 degree firebreak."

The first peak to feel the impact of this adventuresome crowd was Shay, with a great view of Lake Arrowhead, The Pinnacles, and the desert from the nearby heliport. Little Shay fell quickly to the advancing horde. This was No. 100 for Art deGoede. Congratulations, Art! After lunch we firebreaked over to Ingham, and then back down to the ranch for the assault on Hawes. This last peak will be long remembered for its uninterrupted stretches of 60 degree firebreaks stretching ahead into the distance and disappearing over the horizon. Youngsters and teenagers were well represented on this excursion - almost half were under 21. One four-year-old did himself (and his parents) proud by doing all but the last peak. Fourteen-year-old Linda Frost swept up the rear guard, performing ably as Assistant Leader.

My thanks to all you fine people who made up this group, and especially to Larry Salmon, who provided a cold, refreshing beverage to the leader when it was urgently required.

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