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Mount Harwood, Mount San Antonio

12 June 1966

By: Ben Neffson

Leaders: Bob Hawthorne
Asst.: Ben Neffson

An injured leg prevented the scheduled leader, Steve Molnar, from attending this trip. His place was taken by veteran 100 Peaker Bob Hawthorne, with Ben Neffson assuming the duties of assistant leader, as scheduled. Of the 42 attendees, all but three took the ski lift to Baldy Notch, the latter electing to hike up under the lift. Approximately one quarter of those present were guests and, for about an equal number this was to be a first trip with the 100 Peaks Section. Among the participants was Sam Fink, number two emblem holder in the section (Weldon Heald is number one). Sam has climbed considerably more than 500 peaks on the SPS, DPS, and 100 Peaks Section lists. This trip was to mark his twenty-seventh time on Baldy!

The hike from the Notch along a jeep road and then by way of the Devil's Backbone to Mt. Harwood was uneventful, although a few stragglers needed some urging to prevent an excessive gap between the middle and tail end of the party. All but two reached the top of Mt. Harwood, an easy and short climb off the Mt. Baldy trail. Considerable nausea stopped one participant at the base of the peak. Accompanied by a companion, this hiker decided to return to the Notch and wait there for the group.

This was the first scheduled climb of Mt. Harwood and there was some discussion (admittedly academic) as to whether or not it should be included in the official 100 Peaks Section list. While its proximity to Baldy would certainly act against its inclusion it would, on the other hand, appear strange that a peak named for a club benefactor (through the efforts of the 100 Peaks Section) could still not be placed on the Section's official list of qualifying peaks. Perhaps this should be borne in mind in reaching a decision upon the matter.

All but two of the group (who decided that one peak was enough for the first time out) then proceeded to Baldy for lunch. However, because of the numerous insects on Baldy, lunch was a rather hasty affair and too little time was spent on top. The return ot the chair lift was made in good time and everyone was down by 4 p.m.

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