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Timber Mountain, Bighorn Peak, Ontario Peak, Sugarloaf Peak

30 April 1966

Sierra Club Leaders: Russ Mohn, Paul Mohn
P.C.C. Highlanders Leaders: Steve Anderson, Jeff Wanamaker

The itinerary of this joint trip was stated on the trip sheet and copies were given to all participants. It stated "Today's trip will include as a minimum Bighorn Mt. and Ontario Pk.; however, those with lots of energy can add Timber Mt. and Sugarloaf Pk. also. The plan will be to divide the group at the beginning. Paul Mohn will lead a fast group to The Saddle and on to Timber Mt. and its scree slope. Russ Mohn will lead a slower group to The Saddle and directly up Bighorn Mt. and on to Ontario Pk. The fast group will probably overtake the slower group somewhere between Bighorn and Ontario. All will lunch together at the summit of Ontario Pk. After lunch Russ Mohn will lead a fast group to Sugarloaf Pk. and back to Icehouse Canyon via a steep, rough, cross-country route - do not attempt this route unless you can move well on rough, trailless terrain. Paul Mohn will lead the slower group via the trail to Kelly's Camp, thence back to The Saddle and down Icehouse Canyon.

Other mountains in the area on the 100 Peaks List are: Telegraph Pk., north of Timer, Cucamonga Pk. and Etiwanda Pk. southeast of The Saddle; there are trails close to the summits of each of these."

The trip was led according to the outline on the trip sheet. Communication between the separated groups was maintained by walkie-talkie radio and there was also radio communication between the leader and assistant leader of each group when respective groups got spread out. Because of careful scouting the week before, the time schedule for the day as announced at the beginning of the trip was actually realized within a very few minutes. The biggest problem was keeping the groups together; people got into the fast group who shouldn't have been there - there were people in the slow group for whom the hike was much too ambitious. Participation included 31 members, 14 guests and 12 P.C.C. Highlanders.

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