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Quail Mountain, Queen Mountain, Lost Horse Mountain, Mount Inspiration

19-20 March 1966

By: Gene Andreosky

Leader: Bob Schull
Asst.: Gene Andreosky

Forty-three persons, including 18 guests, met at the intersection of Salton View Road and Sheep Pass Road for the weekend in Joshua Tree National Monument. After a caravan to Juniper Flats, forty climbed to the top of Quail. Three others were left along the trail until the main group returned.

The group then caravanned into Queen Valley for the more difficult hike to Queen Mtn. Thirty-eight made it to the top to sign in. The route taken was the wash between the two high points. While waiting for the tail end to reach the top, some of the faster hikers climbed the rock at the second high point.

Saturday night was spent at Jumbo Rocks campground as we were unable to get reservations at Sheep Pass campground. Everyone was able to find a spot and several campfire discussions were held.

On Sunday the group hiked to Lost Horse Mtn. via the road to Lost Horse Mine. Everyone made the top and some time was spent exploring the mine operation.

Since we finished the Lost Horse earlier than expected, a bonus trip to Inspiration Pk. was included in the weekend activities. Most went home after this but some decided to go on to either Ryan Mtn. or Eureka.

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