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Martinez Mountain, Sheep Mountain

13-14 March 1965

By: Larry Salmon

Leaders: Steve Molnar, Gene Andreosky, Bob Hawthorne, Bill Shuler

Sunday, March 14th, at 7:00 A. M. seventeen hikers left their backpacking gear at Cactus Springs and headed for Martinez Peak. We had hiked into the camping area the day before and climbed Sheep Pk. Saturday's hiking activities had been led by Steve Molnar, but Steve strained a leg muscle, so on Sunday the group which was ably led by the intrepid Gene Andreosky, marched up a dry wash and over a couple of foothills. As the distant peak grew nearer, the trail led into a rock scramblem up a steep canyon. The survivors (17) reached a rather large snow-dotted meadow on which was perched the rocky summit. All hands made their slippery way to the crest, the rear being brought up by assistants Bob Hawthorne and Bill Schuler. It was a bright, mild day; Santa Rosa, Toro, and the San Jacinto massif were all clearly visible. The long trip down brought the group into camp at about 1:30, just time for a quick lunch and pack up for the 4 1/2 mile trek to the cars. The up-down trail out left the group exhausted but happy as they glanced back at the now distant Martinez in the late afternoon sun.

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