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Pilot Knob


Pilot Knob, a former HPS peak, is located in Kern County, about 2½ miles north-northeast of the town of Onyx, 155 miles from Los Angeles. It lies within the Sequoia National Forest, but access to it crosses private property. Pilot Knob was added to the HPS Peak List in 1972 and removed in 2008. It remains on the Sierra Peaks Section Peak List. See the Summit Signature for more history and some background about the name of the peak.

Peak Guides
HPS currently has no legal documented routes to the peak. Our old route (see below) crossed private property. On the last HPS outing to Pilot Knob, one of the owners (there are many) told us that after that visit, we no longer had permission to visit the peak by crossing the White Blanket property. If you want to visit Pilot Knob, you'll need to arrange your own access.

Older Peak Guides (routes may no longer be legal or safe, use caution!): 1993, Microsoft Word version from 2001, and the last version of our peak guide from 2005.

Hikers on Pilot Knob
Hikers pose near the Pilot Knob summit block
Photo by Wolf Leverich, 2005

Maps! Lots of maps!

Current Conditions
  • Weather Forecast from the National Weather Service
  • There are no gates (except on the private property, where you'll need to arrange your own permission to pass.)
  • Status of State Route 178 from Caltrans
  • Deer hunting season - "The season in Zone D-8 shall open on the fourth Saturday in September and extend for 30 consecutive days." For more information, visit the California Fish and Game Commission.
  • Sequoia National Forest Incidents (usually fires) from InciWeb
  • Adventure Passes are not currently (2011) required in Sequoia National Forest nor by the Bureau of Land Management.

Trip Reports from our Archives

Emblems earned on Pilot Knob
  • 7 November 1982 - Ronald A. Young, First List Completion #78
  • 20 November 1982 - Burton A. Falk, 200 Peaks Bar #173
  • 5 April 1986 - Arthur D. Smith, First List Completion #110
  • 21 November 1987 - Evan J. Samuels, First List Completion #121
  • 21 November 1987 - Harold A. Price, First List Completion #122
  • 14 October 1989 - Mickey Sharpsteen, First List Completion #145
  • 14 October 1989 - Shirley McFall, First List Completion #146
  • 14 October 1989 - Austin Stirratt, First List Completion #147
  • 14 October 1989 - Betty Stirratt, Second List Completion #17
  • 1 November 1996 - Christy Bird, Second List Completion #33
  • 1 November 1996 - Martin Feather, Fourth List Completion #9
  • 11 May 2002 - Ron Zappen, Third List Completion #20

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